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Yuca, Sweet Potato and Punkin Mash!

Sometimes what we really crave (or desperately need) is a lil’ different and delicious twist to our so regular and bland ‘tato mash, isn’t it? Well, and it doesn’t get prettier than this! Just look at this baby for crying out loud!:

Soooo yum! Wanna make it? Then ask me how and write it down!
500 grams (’bout a pound) Yuca – the freshest, the faster it cooks. If you’re not actually sure about the freshness of this babies, cook them in a pressure cooker or something you have around ;D
250 grams (’bout half a pound) your favorite sweet and lovely Pumpkin
3 small-like-fitting-in-the-palm-of-your-hand Sweet Potatoes (I really don’t know exactly the weigh and stuff, so, don’t go asking! ¬¬”)
Enough water to cover all three of them separately
About a teaspoon salt, or to taste (I like the sweetness of the ingredients to shine)
Black Pepper and Cumin (freshly gated, if you can!), a teaspoon each
3 really generous tablespoons Vegan Margarine or Spread (Earth Balance or this stuff you guys get there xD)
Three pots (Don’t you think about arguing with me! It’s delicious, so, it’s totally worth the sweat. And it’s just water. You won’t have too much work to wash afterwards. Words from a dish washing hater! \o/)
Potato Masher or something
Wooden Spoon
How to:
Wash ’em well, peel what needs peeling and cut everything roughly into cubes. Oh!  And remove the fiber-like center of your yuca before you put them to cook away if you can! If you can’t, they will tear apart easely after the root is thoroughly cooked. 😉
Boil each root and the pumpkin in a separate pot until they get really really really soft. Time depends on their freshness and quality, (mainly the yuca). But roughly it gets to 30 minutes (get it down to 20 if you use a pressure cooker) for yuca if fresh. If a little older, increase 10 to 15 minutes. Oh, for Christ sake, just test it often! ;D and 20 minutes for the other two to cook beautifully after the water starts to boil.
Drain your stuff and mash ’em well in your biggest pot of all three, first the yuca, which is a lil’ tougher and will need a bit more elbow grease, then the sweet potatoes and then, the pumpkin. Add the marge, salt, pepper and cumin, turn the heat to minimum and mix gently with your wooden spoon until everything is really well incorporated and it looks like the creamy of all heavenly cream-stuff.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s it! How simple and yummy and *gurgles*… It’s ready to be eaten as a side dish to your lovely vegan stuff! (Or to stuff your face as it is! Like I always do ‘cuz I’m lazy to cook a lot of stuff at the same time!!!)
Have a lovely dovely week!

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Trying to veganize the world from my kitchen first. ;)

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