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Quick Sammich for da Wicked!

Oh hai!
Do you guys know those days you’re so lazy *ahem* “tired”, you don’t even wanna think about slaving away over a stove to prepare a full, hearty meal? Well, yesterday night I was on one of those days and hold your witty jokes about women and sammiches, please ¬¬”

I really was in doubt if it is really a recipe worth of posting about… But hey! This is MY blog, and in the end of the day, I get to decide what goes in it or not! \o/

I was craving a hearty, wholesome, creamy sammich, so I went for a tofu burger, a quick hummus made with the leftover chickpeas from lunch and a nice wheat and assorted grain bread, topped up with a lovely and tangy brown mustard!

So, let’s get down to it already!!!


For the Trick-Quick Hummus

Your leftover chickpeas cooked perfectly with salt and bay leaves I’m pretty sure you have hanging about your fridge (or simply open a nice can o’chickpeas, wathever!)

2 Tbsp and a lil’ bit more Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 tsp Cumin

1/4 tsp Black Pepper

For the Sammich

Your favorite Veggie Burger pan-fried with a tiny lil’ drop of olive oil for three minutes each side (I used a local, organic tofu burger with sunflower seeds and veggies!)

2 nice and round Tbsp of our Trick-Quick Hummus

2 slices of your favorite Wheat Bread

A healthy dose of your favorite Brown Mustard




How to:

Trick-Quick Hummus:

In the land of food-processor-less people, place the chickpeas on a plate and mash’em really well, until there are but particles of them left (yeah, right…), add your olive oil and spices and mash again. Voilà! That’s your (tahine-less) hummus! 😀

Assembling the Sammich

Well, I guess you guys know how to prepare a sammich, soooo, pictures instead!!!!

Hurray for the lazy people everywhere!

Have yourselves a nice week! (Or what is left of it…)



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Trying to veganize the world from my kitchen first. ;)

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